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Frequently asked Questions

Where are the products manufactured?
The products are manufactured in Hong Kong and Shanghai (China).

What are the sizes available for the woven pictures?
Generally we do not recommend sizes less than 34x34 cm to ensure a good quality. The maximum size though is 39.5 cm x (any size).

What are the sizes available for the pillow covers?
Standard sizes are 40 x 40 cm and 45 x 45 cm. Customize size is welcomed with a minimum order of 4.

What is the minimum order?
We accept orders of any size, even one or two. However for small orders there will be additional charges.

What are the products made of?
Now all products are made of 100% polyester. Later we will launch 100% silk and 100% cotton pillow covers.

What are your lead-times?
Depending on quantities and season. E.g. an under 500 pieces order in non-peak season will take 4 to 6 weeks.

Do you accept customized orders?
Yes customers are welcome to send in their pictures and choose the colors they want. We will make a sample for the customer to verify before going to production. Sample fee may be applied.

Where are you located?
We are a Hong Kong based company, please click here to locate our offices and dealers.

How do I place my order?
First check the order information for woven pictures or pillow covers and then click here to fill in the form or email us at sales@calhk.com. Please include the quantity and if for existing products the SKU number listed in the product description pages as well.



We just add a new collection of ribbons to our products and please check the ribbons section for more details.

We launch our sister sites badge.calhk.com which is dedicated for woven badges and ribbon.calhk.com dedicated for Jacquard ribbons. Please check it out.



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